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Pencil- A tribute to all Mothers

Pencil is an award winning short film and tribute to all mothers. A mother devotes her entire life to her child. But we tend to forget the sacrifices she has made for us.

Ghar Broker Chakkar | Short Film

Finding a good house in Mumbai is almost impossible for common man. Even with property dealers or brokers it is difficult to get the best rented accomodation in Mumbai. How far are

Buri Nazar wale Tera Muh Kala

As the name of the film suggests, Buri Nazar mocks the superstitious society. The short film is set in a village backdrop where believers and non-believers co-exist and how a small incident

Istgah (Station) – Awkwardly Staring At A Girl

A Short Film which shows the behaviour of most of the men and even women when they see a beautiful lady. It may make you laugh or make you think.

Benagli Thriller Short Film – Mirari

Mirari is a thriller Bengali short film where a man finds a mirror, which causes a lot of trouble in his life. Will he be able to get rid of it?

Would You Still?

Think before you act!!! This episode of eve teasing will astound you. Watch this short movie on eve teasing issue.

IN THIS CITY – An award winning short film

This short movie bu Keyur Kajavadara is an account of three everyday stories from Mumbai which makes the city so exuberantly cosmopolitan, lucidly resourceful and a great equalizer of our various diversities.


Mumbai is the land of opportunity, whether you want to earn a living or start a new life. Short Film Chataiwala is about this spirit and resourcefulness. It was one of the

Neighbour | Short Film

NEIGHBOUR by Souvik Gupta is a story of Acceptance, Love, Peace and Harmony. The story traces how two individuals transgress the boundaries of indifference not only to develop a friendship that stands

Vighna Bharta

Must have heard that Love hurts, but at times it burps, bloats and farts too! He wonders… Is she a good cook? She wonders…why is he so unromantic. Watch this short movie

Mai – Story of Mother & Son

What you will call a person, who have relieved one of his most nearest and dearest one from their suffering? ‘A Murder’ or ‘A Peaceful relief’ for that person? Featuring Ratna Pathak

Good Bye – Emotional Love Story

Good Bye – Emotional Love Story Short film Goodbye starring Suhasini Mulay and Parikshit Sahni is an emotional love story. Directed by Agnimitra Sharma Goodbye is an award winning film. This film