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OFFICIAL DATE – Short Comedy Movie

OFFICIAL DATE – Best way to propose a girl Proposing a girl has always been challenge for youngsters. I have seen many asking friends the best way to propose a girl. A big

Stolen Heart

Stolen Heart – Idea Short Film We’ve all heard about Love at First Sight. Rahul & Nisha… Two strangers meet in the strangest way… Rahul is a thief and broke into Nisha’s

Divorce – Give it a thought again

Divorce – Give it a thought again It is said that divorce happens most in love marriage cases and this movie is about a couple who had love marriage and after 9

Rewind | Short Film

Rewind | Short Film Marriages are made in heaven. But what if your arranged marriage is with a girl with a past she would like to forget but you can never forget.

Can A Banana Kill You? Tamil comedy movie

Can A Banana Kill You? Tamil Comedy Movie Ramar Pazham is a simple Tamil comedy movie with thoughtful message that God stays long but strikes at last. A barber gets loads of

7 Minutes | Award Winning Telugu Short Film

7 Minutes| A Award winning short film | A small experiment done by creators of this telugu short film to make people think !!! Directors says – we would consider our motive

Ashwini – A Short Film About Child Abuse

Ashwini is story of bright child who is facing sexual abuse within the family. This short film raises awareness and voice against child abuse. Watch this Telugu short film starring Sanjay Reddy,

I Can | Award Winning Short Film

I Can | Award Winning Short Film In today’s world of gender inequality, where most of the women facing Sexual Harassment, Eve- Teasing, Domestic Violence and Humiliation in their daily life. Who

Crush-Shake | Short Film

Crush-Shake | Short Film Beautiful girl next door…Chocolate boy…Teenage crush. Love is in the air. But wait… There is a twist. Love is in the air is a short love story with a

Ek Red Color Ki Love Story | Short Film

Ek Red Color Ki Love Story One more beautiful peace by Annie Zaidi. Soofi is a young lady who lives alone, and has a soft spot for verse. One morning, she gets

Ek Bahut Choti Si Love Story | Short Film

He’s been watching her – always at the same corner table, at the same neighborhood cafe. Is she waiting for someone? Infatuation pushed the man one day and he decides to find

Vivar (The Black hole) – Award Winning Marathi Short Film

Vivar – Award Winning Marathi Short Film Vivar means the black hole. Vivar is an award winning Marathi Short Film. This is a story of exploitation of aspirations of the young immigrants. The