Aftermath – Short film on hit & run case

Hit and Run case

Every year thousands of people lose their life in hit & run case. Accident happens and person just run away instead of helping the injured. They don’t even stop to check who was the person. Proper medication on time can actually save one life.

Naveen Prabhakar plays Ayush Khanna, a man who is involved in a hit and run accident. Yet, he doesn’t stop for the victim. In this short film Aftermath, director Bahaish Kapoor raised an issue of humanity.

Film Details:

Film Name: Aftermath

Genre: Social issue

Star cast: Navin Prabhakar

Directed by: Bahaish Kapoor

Story / Screenplay: Bahaish Kapoor

Language: Hindi

Subtitles: Yes

Duration: 7.37 minutes

Release Date: 9 October 2008

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