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Dry State

DRY STATE follows the story of two drunk friends (who find their intoxication levels dangerously decline) embark in the search of more alcohol. Adventure follows. Awards: WINNER – BEST PICTURE, BEST DIRECTOR,

The Restaurant Couple

A slice of life… a restaurant conversation gets out of hand. A cheesy conversation and a life turning experience. “I don’t know, What do YOU want to do?” are the common words

Aftermath – Short film on hit & run case

Every year thousands of people lose their life in hit & run case. Accident happens and person just run away instead of helping the injured. They don’t even stop to check who


A divorced couple run into each other at a party. An awkward conversation follows. Again a nice piece by Bahaish Kapoor.

The Breakup

This 8 minutes short film by Bahaish Kapoor touches the lives of Adi and Alisha, two best friends. As we move through the rapidly changing dynamics of their relationship, we look into