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The Escort – Comedy short movie

What is an Escort? A highly paid or expensive prostitute. The story is about a couple who wants divorce. They meet the divorce counsellor and explains the strange reason of divorce. You

OFFICIAL DATE – Short Comedy Movie

OFFICIAL DATE – Best way to propose a girl Proposing a girl has always been challenge for youngsters. I have seen many asking friends the best way to propose a girl. A big

Dry State

DRY STATE follows the story of two drunk friends (who find their intoxication levels dangerously decline) embark in the search of more alcohol. Adventure follows. Awards: WINNER – BEST PICTURE, BEST DIRECTOR,

The Strangers

In a Nightclub, a group of friends are playing Spin the Bottle. When one of them is accorded a dare to kiss a stranger present in the club, a series of revelations

The Restaurant Couple

A slice of life… a restaurant conversation gets out of hand. A cheesy conversation and a life turning experience. “I don’t know, What do YOU want to do?” are the common words

Pencil- A tribute to all Mothers

Pencil is an award winning short film and tribute to all mothers. A mother devotes her entire life to her child. But we tend to forget the sacrifices she has made for us.

The Interview

A funny short movie about an applicant who tries to find her ways during an interview to get the job! Will she succeed? Watch this…

Arranged Marriage

You don’t need to be similar to be the best couple. Short story about a boy and girl who are meeting for an arranged marriage proposal.


A divorced couple run into each other at a party. An awkward conversation follows. Again a nice piece by Bahaish Kapoor.