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I Can | Award Winning Short Film

I Can | Award Winning Short Film In today’s world of gender inequality, where most of the women facing Sexual Harassment, Eve- Teasing, Domestic Violence and Humiliation in their daily life. Who

Crush-Shake | Short Film

Crush-Shake | Short Film Beautiful girl next door…Chocolate boy…Teenage crush. Love is in the air. But wait… There is a twist. Love is in the air is a short love story with a

Ek Red Color Ki Love Story | Short Film

Ek Red Color Ki Love Story One more beautiful peace by Annie Zaidi. Soofi is a young lady who lives alone, and has a soft spot for verse. One morning, she gets

Ek Bahut Choti Si Love Story | Short Film

He’s been watching her – always at the same corner table, at the same neighborhood cafe. Is she waiting for someone? Infatuation pushed the man one day and he decides to find

Adrak (Ginger) | Short Film

Ravi, a souvenir photographer at Gateway of India (Mumbai) is drawn by the sudden urge to photograph a foreigner. She doesn’t speak his language. They are worlds apart.

Best Day – Father and Daughter’s Touching Story

Naisha plans a surprise for her father on his birthday, but soon realizes that her father lied to her about his whereabouts. The father, Avinash, tries to win his daughter over by


Time – Short film by Arti Bagdi   Time is a hindi short movie on teacher and student relationship. A teacher can change entire life of his / her student. But in

Aftermath – Short film on hit & run case

Every year thousands of people lose their life in hit & run case. Accident happens and person just run away instead of helping the injured. They don’t even stop to check who

Ghar Broker Chakkar | Short Film

Finding a good house in Mumbai is almost impossible for common man. Even with property dealers or brokers it is difficult to get the best rented accomodation in Mumbai. How far are

Would You Still?

Think before you act!!! This episode of eve teasing will astound you. Watch this short movie on eve teasing issue.

IN THIS CITY – An award winning short film

This short movie bu Keyur Kajavadara is an account of three everyday stories from Mumbai which makes the city so exuberantly cosmopolitan, lucidly resourceful and a great equalizer of our various diversities.


Mumbai is the land of opportunity, whether you want to earn a living or start a new life. Short Film Chataiwala is about this spirit and resourcefulness. It was one of the