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Vivar (The Black hole) – Award Winning Marathi Short Film

Vivar – Award Winning Marathi Short Film Vivar means the black hole. Vivar is an award winning Marathi Short Film.┬áThis is a story of exploitation of aspirations of the young immigrants. The

Buri Nazar wale Tera Muh Kala

As the name of the film suggests, Buri Nazar mocks the superstitious society. The short film is set in a village backdrop where believers and non-believers co-exist and how a small incident

Umbartha – Marathi Short Film with subtitles

“Morals, immorality and the Society are 3 elements in this intriguing 8 minutes marathi award winning short film. How can an innocent child. Ashish (7) understand this? A story about a widow