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Giant Wheel | Tamil Short Film

Giant Wheel | Tamil Short Film Watch Tamil short film Giant Wheel. Freedom means having a greater responsibility on our hands. ‘Giant Wheel’ directed by Sreekanth which explores this aspect of Freedom.

Mr. & Mr. Iyer | Tamil Short Film

Mr. & Mr. Iyer – Film on Gay Marriage in India How people will plan for a gay marriage in India? This is Mr. & Mr. Iyer which is a humorous tamil

Chapter Close| The Half Side Love Story | Tamil Short Film

Chapter Close – Tamil Short Film with Subtitles Chapter Close is tamil short film deals with the subject of Dissociative or Multiple personality disorder which is commonly known as split personality or dual

Can A Banana Kill You? Tamil comedy movie

Can A Banana Kill You? Tamil Comedy Movie Ramar Pazham is a simple Tamil comedy movie with thoughtful message that God stays long but strikes at last. A barber gets loads of

Idukkan (sufferings) – Award winning Tamil Short film

Idukkan (sufferings) – Award winning Tamil Short film Iddukan in Tamil means sufferings. This award winning Tamil Short Film is directed by Hari Vishwanath. It depicts the struggle of an old man failing

Dharmam – Tamil Short Film

Dharmam – Tamil Short Film   ‘Dharmam’ is a hard-hitting Tamil short film based on Traffic Police made for Naalaya Iyakunar Season 3, winning the Best short film of the week in