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Tamil Short Film

Chapter Close – Tamil Short Film with Subtitles

Chapter Close is tamil short film deals with the subject of Dissociative or Multiple personality disorder which is commonly known as split personality or dual personality. Director Naru Narayanan also calls it The Half Side Love Story which is justified due to the subject.

Direction and screenplay of the movie is so fantastic that it holds you for entire 43 minutes. Unexpected twists and turns, filled with love and friendship, is also having touch of comedy and emotions. I also keep it in suspense short movie category as till the end you will find twists.


Varun tries to keep his best friend Nalan out of his personal life, but Nalan intrudes and interferes with Varun’s relationship with Maya. He splits them up, but he is also the one who brings them back together. What is Nalan upto? What are his true intentions? Is he the best friend or the worst? Watch the movie here:

About the Director: 

Venkatramanan and Naru Narayanan are the directors of the production company Screenem Inde. With the idea to encourage indie movies, they had taken this first step. Naru says he want to form a network of  passionate filmmakers, and through this project he discovered many.  This movie was made by passion as the entire crew including the actors treated this movie as there own and charged no money and this is how it become almost no budget movie.  Other team members of the crew are Peter Fernandez, Mahaakerthi,Siva, Vignash who are associate directors. Cinematography is done by Sreekanth Ila, editing by K.J. Venkatramanan and music is given by Arulraj n Vignesh

Film Details:

Film Name: Chapter Close – The Half Side Love Story

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Star Cast: Linga, Varun, Sreeja, Pavithra, Arvindraj

Directed by: Naru Narayanan

Produced by: Raman n Echo

Story / Screenplay: Naru Narayanan

Language: Tamil

Subtitles: Yes

Duration: 42. 57 Minutes

Release Date: 13 May 2015

Production Company: Screenem Inde Productions Pvt Ltd



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