Cuddly – Mother’s love

“Khaana to padega” – That’s my mom. What? Your mom too?? Mother’s love in our country express their love by feeding and we have to accept voluntarily of forcefully. Cuddly – this short movie is about a mother and her MBA daughter who is creating marketing plan for an innovative cradle which will help mothers. But can a cradle replace the magic of mother’s lap?

It’s one thing to universally feel a mother’s love as the most comforting but to watch these delicate threads of emotions, woven carefully into a snug film is what makes ‘Cuddly’ a timeless work of heart.

Directed by Karan B. Shetty for Terribly Tiny Talkies, ‘Cuddly’ is created from simple day-to-day conversations between a mother and a daughter against a quiet night. The treatment gives birth to some moments that are relatable (especially the fight between the mother and the daughter about food).

That the film has seeped into people’s hearts is evident from viewer comments quoting the film dialogues like “Khaana toh padega” and “MBA karke tum jhoola bechogi”.

This 5 minute short movie is actually sweet and acting of Neena Kulkarni and Shruti Vyas is so natural that you will feel that its you and your mother.

Neena Kulkarni: Born in Hyderabad, Neena Kulkarni is an Indian film actress and producer. She has appeared in many Hindi and Marathi movies. Disciple of veterans like Vijaya Mehta, Neena Kulkarni also used to do French translations. She performed in several hindi movies such as Mirch Masala, Daag: The Fire, Nayak, Phir bhi dil hai hindustani, Humgama, Dum, Paheli, Kya Kool hai ham, Guru, Hasee to Fasee etc.

Film Details:

Film Name: Cuddly
Genre: Relationship
Star cast: Neena Kulkarni, Shruti Vyas
Directed by: Karan Shetty
Story / Screenplay: Karan Shetty, Chintan Ruparel
Language: Hindi
Subtitles: No
Duration: 5:32 minutes
Release Date: May 9, 2015
Production company: Terribly Tiny Talkies


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