Divorce – Give it a thought again

Divorce Story

Divorce – Give it a thought again

It is said that divorce happens most in love marriage cases and this movie is about a couple who had love marriage and after 9 years of marriage they want separate. They meet the divorce lawyer to file divorce mutually. Lawyer wants to their story before filing it to the court and he wants to listen their story. As the couple starts fighting lawyer decides to meet them separately.

Worldwide, approximately 6% of divorced couples remarry the same person. But some are really intelligent. They never let arrive this situation. But what to do if this situation arrives?

Divorce is short film on relationship. Watch this idea short film and share your feedback.

The film is not great in terms of acting or cast selection but the story is touching. The concept is good and couples should definitely give another thought if the situation of divorce arrives.

Film Details:

Film Name: Divorce

Genre: Relationship

Star cast:

Directed by:

Produced by: Twilight Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Story / Screenplay:

Language: Hindi

Subtitles: No

Duration: 9 Minutes

Release Date: 8 December 2011

Production Company: Idea Short Film

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