Ek Red Color Ki Love Story | Short Film

Poetry in film

Ek Red Color Ki Love Story

One more beautiful peace by Annie Zaidi. Soofi is a young lady who lives alone, and has a soft spot for verse. One morning, she gets an instant message that peruses like verse. Before long, these unknown writings attack her life. The sender, who calls himself Lal Mann (red-heart), attracts her eye to the verse installed in their metropolis.She is initially captivated and afterward she becomes included with the thought of a faceless artist beau. In spite of notices from her closest companion, Soofi embarks to meet him. Be that as it may, will he indicate up?The film was motivated by the dejection of a solid wilderness like Mumbai, and seeing a large number of individuals sticking to their mobile phones for enthusiastic backing. It was made by a two-part group mismatching the city with a computerized camera, and recording the city as it appears to us in our every day drives.

Film Details:

Film Name: Ek Red Colour ki love story

Genre: Romance

Star cast: Annie Zaidi, Arjun Bali, Seema Fauzdar, Aditya Sudarshan

Directed by: Annie Zaidi

Produced by: Vinay Mishra, Pallavi Rohatagi, Preety Ali

Story / Screenplay: Annie Zaidi

Language: Hindi


Duration: 20 Minutes

Release Date:

Production Company:

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