Gunaah – Suspense thriller short film

Suspense Thriller Story

Gunaah – Suspense thriller short film


What you reap what you sow. Short Movie on two cheating couples. A couple is living together but at the same time cheating on each other. They both are having extra-marital affairs. They are not brave enough to say this to each other but brave enough to plan a murder of partner to get rid of them.

Husband plans a trip to out of the city and planning meet his partner outside the marriage. His wife planned to kill him by giving poison in milk so that he will die on the way. But the husband has also planned something. Check out what actually happens in this case. Do they succeed in their plans or destiny plays it’s role. Watch this suspense thriller Short Film – Gunaah, a deadly story of a crime gone completely wrong!

Why couples cheat on each other?

The reasons husbands and wives cheat on each other or become unfaithful are varied and complex. However, the spirit of this age is moving man toward a sexual permissiveness not classified as infidelity or unfaithfulness. Without guilt or conscience, sex among single people is no longer considered wrong by much of today’s generation. Likewise many married couples take the same attitude toward extra-marital affairs. Realizing that very few in this category will be helped, it is to those who still have a conscience in these things that this message is directed.


Lack of sexual satisfaction, real or imagined, is often responsible for husbands and wives cheating on each other. The reason I refer to this condition as real or imagined is because there are some whose problem is more psychological than real. This often is the result of an anticipated sex thrill that is slow in coming or does not measure up to expectation. Perhaps the greatest cause of this is the glorified overemphasis of sex on every hand.

Top 3 reasons for couples to cheat:

The top three reasons given for cheating differ between the sexes. For women the top three reasons, in no particular order, given for cheating include:

  1. No sense of emotional connection or commitment from their current partner. This may be an established relationship or a new marriage where the partners are physical or emotionally distant.
  2. The partner does not hold the same sexual beliefs and interests.  This may include women having to appear more submissive or less adventurous than they would like to be to satisfy their partner.
  3. The passion is gone, long gone, and having passionatesexwith another is one way to keep the current relationship bearable.

Men, on the other hand, tend to cheat for more physical reasons and not as many emotional reasons. However, there is a relationship issue somewhere at the heart of the behavior.

  1. Men are more visually aroused and more likely to respond to an exciting female without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Simply put, blame it on the testosterone.
  2. Men may no longer be physically attracted to the women they have married. This is often given as the excuse if thewifehas put on weight, stopped dressing up or simply aged. This is really a double standard but remember men respond to visual images more than women, so looks do count.
  3. Reality of relationships including the humdrum of typical life, the pressure of bills and finances and the need to always have something to do for the family can also create a desire for the guy to be “wild and crazy again”.  A quick fling is often seen as a diversion from their real life.

Film Details:

Film Name: Gunaah

Genre: Suspense Thriller, Crime

Star cast:

Directed by:

Produced by:  Twitlight Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Story / Screenplay:

Language: Hindi

Subtitles: No

Duration: 7.36 Minutes

Release Date: 3 May 2012

Production Company: Idea Short Films


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