I Can | Award Winning Short Film

Women empowerment

I Can | Award Winning Short Film

In today’s world of gender inequality, where most of the women facing Sexual Harassment, Eve- Teasing, Domestic Violence and Humiliation in their daily life. Who will stand for them ? I CAN…!!! afilm by Nilesh Pal tries to find answers. I can is award winning short film on women empowerment. It raises the issue of gender inequality and challenges faced by women. How a women can change it?

The film is shot in Mumbai and raises issue of women safety. A woman who faces domestic violence regularly is thrown out of the house and in the way she faces staring eyes of men and eve teasing. She realizes that women issues in India are because they tolerate and don’t oppose. Rights of women can be protected by women only. Watch the award winning film I can…

There are 6 laws for women and 43 legislative related to women and social media talks about women empowerment. In all this scenario women have to fight against gender inequality, rights of women and women empowerment.

Film Details:

Film Name: I Can

Genre: Social Issues

Star cast: Priya Singh

Directed by: Nilesh Pal

Produced by:

Story / Screenplay: Nilesh Pal

Language: Hindi

Subtitles: No

Duration: 5 Minutes

Release Date: 17 August 2015

Production Company:

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