Idukkan (sufferings) – Award winning Tamil Short film

Tamil film

Idukkan (sufferings) – Award winning Tamil Short film

Iddukan in Tamil means sufferings. This award winning Tamil Short Film is directed by Hari Vishwanath. It depicts the struggle of an old man failing miserably at earning some money for his sick wife, while a cool headed beggar intervenes and changes his life.


An old man sits outside a temple and sell coconut to devotees which is not going well. His sale is down and he is not able to earn good money whereas a beggar who sits next to him outside the same temple keep getting alms. The old man’s wife is unwell and he want money to buy medicines but no sales broke him. The beggar who never talked to him shares his pain and come with brilliant idea which increases the sale of the old man.  Management aspirants must watch this short film. You need not to be a degree holder to be in business or earn money.  Just understand your customer and study consumer behaviour to make your product successful.

This 13 minutes movie won best short film award in Norway Tamil Film Festival 2013. Officially Selected for World Premiere in Cannes Film Festival 2012. This film is having natural and emotional touch. This film will fill your eyes with tears.

Film Details:

Film Name: Iddukan

Genre: Drama, Life

Star cast:

Directed by: Hari Viswanath

Produced by:  White Potato Interactive

Story / Screenplay: Hari Viswanath

Language: Tamil

Subtitles: Yes

Duration: 13 Minutes

Release Date: 12 January 2013

Production Company: Harry Toonz Studio

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