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Mr. & Mr. Iyer – Film on Gay Marriage in India

How people will plan for a gay marriage in India? This is Mr. & Mr. Iyer which is a humorous tamil short film about non-traditional marriage in a traditional family. The movie is about a boy who is gay and wants to marry his partner. I cannot call this gay short film as the topic of gay marriage is raised in such a humorous manner that it should be actually called comedy short film.

Directed by Charukesh Sekar, this movie opens with the joy of parents when their son agrees to marry but got shocked when they realized that the boy is gay. Entire family discussion happens around this gay marriage and they try to find out solution to rituals which actually makes this tamil film full of comedy.

Gay marriage in India is not acceptable in society. People don’t even prefer to talk about LGBT issue. Now days things are changing. Many organizations came in support of LGBT and raising voice. Recently BJP leader and minister Arun Jaitley also supported the LGBT matter. He openly said that court should review article 377 and he not against gay sex relationships. He is in favour of decriminalization of gay sex.

In a very subtle way director supports the gay marriage and convey the message that this is personal choice and let the person be happy. Most interesting part is at the end when grandmother shares her views.

Film Details:

Film Name: Mr. & Mr. Iyer

Genre: Comedy

Star cast:

Directed by: Charukesh Sekar

Produced by: Hideout Studio

Story / Screenplay:

Language: Tamil

Subtitles: Yes

Duration: 9 Minutes

Release Date: 26 November 2015

Production Company: Hideout Studio


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