Crush-Shake | Short Film

short love story

Crush-Shake | Short Film

Beautiful girl next door…Chocolate boy…Teenage crush. Love is in the air. But wait… There is a twist. Love is in the air is a short love story with a twist. A sweet teenager see a handsome boy and fall in love for him. She realizes that the chocolaty boy comes everyday and watch her window from the road. She follows him and try to take this ahead but somehow she is not able to meet him.

One day when she gets chance to see him, a twist comes in her love story. Her crush become crush shake or shakes her crush.Watch this short film to know what is the twist and how it it turns this short film on love story into comedy short film.  The film is made by Jagruti Jethe.

Film Details:

Film Name: Crush Shake

Genre: Rom-Com

Star cast: Gunjan Malhotra, Siddhika Poddar, Laksha Aashwani, Anirudh Sharma

Directed by: Jaguti Jethe

Produced by: Vinay Mishra, Pallavi Rohtagi, Preeti Ali

Story / Screenplay:

Language: Hindi

Subtitles: No

Duration: 10 Minutes

Release Date: 9 April 2014

Production Company: Humaramovie

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