Mehrooni – A Perfect Love Story

Award winning short story

Short Film Mehrooni – A Perfect Love Story


Short film Mehrooni directed by Faraz Ali and starring Sharib Hashmi was shortlisted for Dimensions Mumbai in the Mumbai Film Festival. This film “Mehrooni” is being appreciated all over. Mehrooni means maroon colour.   Mehrooni is a very sentimental movie, which one has to feel it as you watch it.


Perspective in this movie is quite different. The movie is about a couple but the story is narrated by a commuter who travels in the same Mumbai local. Everyday this commuter notices a couple who travel together in the Mumbai local train. Husband spends his time by reading newspaper, whereas the wife kept knitting a maroon sweater. One day the commuter gets surprised to see the man alone. He is so become so habitual of watching this couple together that he couldn’t stopped himself and goes to speak to him and realized that in this world love exists and it exists similarly he heard in stories or read in books. This conversation unveils the touching love story of Mehrooni. Watch this short film Mehrooni and fall in love again.

This maroon sweater is knitted in local train of Mumbai and the story grows there. This sweater becomes the symbol of an unexceptional couple’s journey, struggling to keep their love alive, and survive life in the chaos of a clockwork modern world.  “Mehrooni, shows the love of a common man.

The movie is not a Romeo & Juliet story. This story portrays simple love in this busy world. This movies shows that real love actually exists still now but we don’t see it.

Script of the movie is well knitted and edited as the maroon sweater. Famous singer Rekha Bhardwaj’s song in the background is soothing to ears. Music is given by Arijit Dutta. The story is shown in such a way that it will definitely touch your emotions somewhere. I got sentimental while watching this movie. Showing the guy wears the unfinished sweater which doesn’t have one arm.

Actor Sharib Hashmi:

Sharib Hashmi is a fantastic actor which acted in some award winning films. He worked in Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire but got famous from his National Award Winning Movie Filmistaan & Shahrukh starrer Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Film Details:

Film Name: Mehrooni

Genre: Drama, Life

Star cast: Sharib Hashmi, Kristine Zedek

Directed by: Faraz Ali

Produced by:  Abbas Syed & Imtiyaz Shaikh

Story / Screenplay: Faraz Ali

Language: Hindi

Subtitles: No

Duration: 9.37 Minutes

Release Date: 7 September 2014

Production Company: Royal Stag Large Short Films

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