Sarpat | Short Film | Prashant Narayanan

Prashant Narayanan

Sarpat – Short Film featuring Prashant Narayanan


An urban couple has a car breakdown on a desolate road. There is no one around as far as they can see. Leaving their car there, they go looking for some help. In the middle of the dense jungle they find a dilapidated shack and a village woman. What transpires between them is the subject of the film.

Abhay Tiwari’s short film Sarpat, unfold against the backdrop of a devastated rural economy. The film critique the urban blindness towards the catastrophic tragedy playing out in our villages.


Sarpat is the Hindi word for a razor-sharp blade of grass. The film begins with the entry of a fancy car into a stark rural countryside. The car stops and an urban couple steps out into a bewildering but exotic landscape. They exchange dialogues that make them out to be stiff, cardboard cutouts. They have a flat and need to find a hammer to fix it. They set out looking for someone who could help and come to a decrepit house without a roof. A woman cooks inside with a baby by her side.

The urban couple begin asking her questions and are told blandly that she does not belong to these parts, but came here after her husband committed suicide due to debt and poverty. The couple is not quite sure how to react to this dramatic bit of information. The woman calls out to her brother-in-law to help the man get a hammer and asks the city woman to stay behind.

That is when the film takes on a razor-sharp twist. Confronted by the wretched poverty of the village woman, the urban woman imagines that it is she who is vulnerable to the desperate violence that the village woman would unleash on her for being moneyed. The anxiety of ‘people like us’ that ‘people like them’ will make us victims of their despair. Tiwari’s Sarpat uses the setting of rural poverty to force us to look at ourselves.

This is a fantastic short movie featuring talented actor Prashant Narayanan (Waisa bhi hota hai Part 2 and Murder -2 Villain), Rachna Shah and Garima Shrivastava. Director Abhay Tiwari is also writer of Savdhan India & Crime Alert. Sarpat was also featured in 2nd International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala.

Film Name: Sarpat

Genre: Drama

Star cast: Prashant Narayanan, Rachna Shah, Garima Shrivastava

Directed by: Abhay Tiwari

Produced by:  Abhay Tiwari


Language: Hindi

Subtitles: Yes

Duration: 17 Minutes

Release Date: 2009

Production Company: Abhay Tiwari

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