Shadow – Thriller Telugu Short Film

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Shadow – Thriller Telugu Short Film


What will you if someone offers you a huge amount for small task? Shadow is a suspense filled Telugu short film where an anonymous phone call leads a brash young man towards uncertainty… End will blow your mind. Directed by Hussain Shah Kiran is a super movie and must watch.


A young boy receives phone call from unknown person who offers him huge amount to do a task. The guy agrees to do the task as he only have to follow a man. He calls the person ‘Boss’ who is giving him orders on phone. Following instructions on the phone he keep performing task given by the boss and realizes that he is in trap. Most interesting part in end of the movie which is completely unpredictable. Must watch this Telugu Short Film Shadow.

Hussain Shah Kiran created a fantastic film. Story, direction, cinematography and acting every aspect of film is managed so well that it makes it an awesome film. This is among the best short films in Telugu, I can say.

Film Details:

Film Name: Shadow

Genre: Suspense Thriller

Star cast: Hussain Sha Kiran. Karthik Tedepalli, Girish Goda

Directed by: Hussain Sha Kiran

Produced by:  Nakama Creations

Story / Screenplay: Hussain Sha Kiran, Jagjit Singh

Language: Telugu

Subtitles: Yes

Duration: 14:57 Minutes

Release Date: 3 March 2011

Production Company: NPG Studios


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