The (in)Dispensables – Bangla Short Movie

Award winning movie

The (in)Dispensibles is an award winning bangla short movie. Official selection at Kolkata International Film Festival and Delhi International Film Festival.

How safe is a security guard himself or his family who tries to protect you, your house and your property. Have you ever noticed that petrol pump attendant who fill your tank up for further journey? Do you know what is the value of that Rs. 10/- chocolate for a street girl who never get chance to eat this? These people are daily part of our life, yet invisible to us. The movie is about such people whom we meet and need for our day to day basis needs. This movie gives glimpse of the life of these people and the irony of their life. Must watch this award winning short film on social issue.

The film ‘The (In)Dispensables’ … Your Riches – Taught me – Poverty, should be watched keeping in mind all the characteristics of Neo realistic film making. Like any other neo realist film, it is characterized by a general atmosphere of authenticity. Andre Bazin, the French film theorist and critic, argued that neorealism portrays truth, naturalness, authenticity, and is a cinema of duration.



Film Details:

Film Name: The indispensibles

Genre: Social issue

Star cast: Kanishka Tiwary, Nandini Bannerjee, Samit Bal

Directed by: Tinni Bhattacharya

Story / Screenplay:

Language: Bengali

Subtitles: Yes

Duration: 13.49 minutes

Release Date: 17 March 2015

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